New Ruby SDK version for

The SDK for Ruby was updated to version 0.2.1 this week, based on feedback from Ruby developers who were building apps with the library. The gem is significantly better than previously, with a number of bugs fixed, additional features for managing agents, and improved integration with other gems.

You can get the SDK using gem install  from the command line or add gem ‘’ to your Gemfile.

More info in the docs and please file issues on the github project. is now

We’ve changed the name of our company to better reflect who we are and what we do. reminds people that our API is great for getting started with artificial intelligence. People are looking to .ai domains for AI solutions, so we wanted to insert ourselves into that conversation.

We’ve tried to get all our social media and web presence up-to-date with the new name, and all the old links should continue to work.

But if you see an old name or logo, please let us know at !