What To Expect After Launching on Product Hunt

Last week, we launched Personal Hunt to the Product Hunt community. It was a fun project to build as a demo of our (still in beta) product, Fuzzy.io. It was also the first time that Evan and I (Matt) had launched a product on Product Hunt, so we wanted to share the results.

The Project

As we were building out the first version of Fuzzy.io, we were looking for an interesting way to demonstrate how it can be used to quickly build out a recommendation engine. Instead of building an app that’s good for demos and nothing else, why not build something useful?  If you’re curious about the development process, we wrote more about the process of building out the core of Personal Hunt last week. Now that we’ve got some data from hundreds of new users, we can do some better statistical modelling and give even better recommendations.


Personal Hunt had only a handful of test users before launching, so it is an interesting illustration of the effect of a Product Hunt launch. Here are our launch day results:

  • 253 upvotes on Product Hunt
  • 3,328 sessions across 2,689 uniques to personalhunt.com
  • 590 users logged into Personal Hunt with their Product Hunt account

Here’s an hourly look at traffic to Personal Hunt:

Hourly Overview


It’s interesting to see the different levels of traffic throughout the day. We were ranked #2 or #3 until roughly noon EDT, and spent the rest of the day in the top 10. This might be a nice illustration of how referral traffic dips once you go below #3.

And here’s a look at Personal Hunt’s analytics over the last few days, as traffic has stabilized at 150-200 daily sessions:

Personal Hunt Analytics


Launching a new product is really hard. Regardless of whether you worked on it for 2 days or 2 years, exposing your work to the world makes you vulnerable, and is a really stressful thing to do.

What if it breaks?

What if it’s not useful?

What if people think it’s stupid?

What if people think I’M stupid?

What’s great about Product Hunt is the empathy, respect and support that the community provides to fellow makers.

Left alone, online communities tend to degrade into snark and negativity. Ryan, the Product Hunt team, and the entire community deserve a huge amount of credit for having built and maintained this positivity in the face of huge growth.

A great example is when some users were having trouble logging in to Personal Hunt, Josh Barkin of (the awesome) NewsGIF suggested that the Product Hunt Chrome extension might be the cause. He even updated his own site’s code to suggest a fix. That kind of camaraderie and willingness to help is amazing!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully some of the data points above will help other makers to plan for their own Product Hunt launches. It was a great experience all around.

You can check out Personal Hunt here.

If you’re a developer or product manager interested in learning more about how Fuzzy.io can help you build your own recommendation engine, drop us a line.

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