Fuzzy.io’s Presentation at Montreal NewTech

Earlier this week, we were invited to present Fuzzy.io to a sold-out crowd of tech enthusiasts at the April edition of Montreal NewTech.

It was a great event, highlighting some of the fantastic innovation coming out of Montreal startups.

Fuzzy.io was first to present. Evan and Matt told the audience about our mission to make it easy for any developer to bring more intelligence to their code, and gave a demo of an application we’re working on to create custom Product Hunt leaderboards. More on that in a future blog post.

Vincent Alimi from Mobeewave was next, demoing their technology to enable merchants to accept contactless payments from their mobile devices, with no additional hardware.

Third demo was Laurent Mascherpa from Floop showing their toolkit for mobile kids game developers, making it easy to engage and cross-promote apps in a kid-safe way.

Rounding out the demos was Austin Hill talking about Blockstream. Austin had the unenviable task of explaining the blockchain, its underlying cryptographic nature, and Blockstream’s vision for sidechains in just a few minutes.


Once the startup demos were done, two companies were asked to present on the theme of FROM CUSTOMER INSIGHT TO FORESIGHTS.

Alexis Smirnov from RadialPoint presented SupportKit, an SDK that makes it easy to add customer support messaging to any mobile app.

And the final presentation of the night was by Naomi Goldapple from Nexalogy, showing how their customers derive insights from the huge volume of social data their platform captures.

It’s great to see the community come out to support and learn about the cool technologies being built in Montreal. This was not a typical pitch-off of consumer apps. There was some very abstract tech being demoed: APIs, SDKs, and a proposed model for universal trust based on cryptography, and the audience was highly engaged and interested throughout.

If you attended the event, what were your highlights?

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